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We’ve all seen it: A leader makes an appearance and runs the perfect meeting. There’s a glow. There’s oohs, and ahs, and “I can see it” and “Look at that!” And then something happens: The leader leaves the room. And performance sinks to normalcy. (The party’s over.)


Effective leaders influence others. If you can’t change the behaviors of others, you won’t be around long. While most leaders can elevate the performance in a team; to differentiate yourself as a leader, the behavioral shifts must be sustained when you are not present. That’s real influence..


It’s an important reminder: The experience of my leadership while I’m in the room is only my perspective. (And I’m deeply biased.) The value of my leadership is proven after I leave.


Influence, the sort that lasts, means shedding the tendency to enter the meeting and fix, to be prescriptive. It requires us to develop people in the moment so they can advance ideas independent of our guidance.


Here’s to your ability at igniting the potential in others – thereby ensuring that greatness is not an event.


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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