Of course you want to run forward. (After all, you’re wired to achieve, right?)

But before you do, consider: 2019 isn’t finished yet. There’s value yet to be gained in the calendar pages that have been tossed aside. More specifically, in these first few days of the newly minted year the priceless resource of momentum if just sitting there waiting for your team to seize it.

  • Does your team need to make difficult decisions in the coming year? Ask: In 2019, where did we prove we can make difficult, timely and effective decisions?
  • Is collaboration an issue for your team? Ask: How did we lay the foundation last year for the trust we need to succeed in the coming year?
  • Are resources going to get even tighter in the months ahead? Ask: Last year, how did we prove we aren’t victims to limitations – and how will we strengthen this muscle this year?

You can’t change 2019. Yet, it’s your job to lead change 2020. The first leadership job then, is to use last year to power the changes your team will need to lead in the year ahead.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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