They will tell you that you need to be a thought leader.

Because then you’ll be:

  • Smarter than everyone else
  • Out in front of the masses
  • A titan among mere mortals who are left to sift through recycled information.

But if everyone is calling themselves a thought leader, doesn’t that mean that no one is leading?

With our new book out this week, my co-authors and I have been repeatedly offered by forces in the publishing world to be labeled as thought leaders.

And we’ve resisted.

Because the truth is, the world needs more:

  • Thought facilitators
  • Thought collaborators
  • Thought architects
  • Thought developers

While the framework in our book is new and relevant to a changing world, the ideas and concepts that it is built upon have been inspired by the gifts of countless other thinkers and practitioners. (Including many who are reading this blog.)

We just had the extraordinary honor of putting it all together.

This is the future of teams within successful companies: Leaders won’t position themselves as the smartest person in the room. There won’t be a need for teammates to be better than their peers. Instead, there will only be a focused effort on bringing out the best in each other.

This isn’t utopia being described. The evidence shows it’s happening now. (Is it happening on your team?)

Leadership matters, but only teams deliver.



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