Learning Gate

Let’s face it: The word “webinar” often means an invitation to get other work done at your desk or passively receive  information that may or may not be valuable. That is why we don’t use the ‘w’ word. Because the Verus Global Learning Gate is an inspiring, engaging, experiential threshold on your team’s journey to strengthening its ability to deliver your business imperatives.



Your Learning Gate Will Be:

•Delivered in the context of the business imperative your team must deliver.
•A strategic milestone in your team’s development of collaborative leadership, providing either advancement material or closure to your Verus Global process.
•Relevant to your team’s unique identity, challenges and business imperatives.
•Dynamic, including the fact that your team members will drive the conversation (rather than having to listen to some expert far away drone on about theories).

“With the sustainability teams, the pickup was immense, they all got into it. We’ve broken down the hierarchical structure. With my sustainability team, I was in there as the boss with the most junior manager in the team. And we worked together as if there was no difference in our level. Sustainability teams that were created, they broke down all boundaries.”

Head of R & D, Global Fortune 500 Company

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