The good conversations, the kind that matter, the sort that change how people think and act, have this in common: People are still listening after the talking is over.

  • They’re contemplating the significance of what was uttered.
  • They’re thinking about what they discovered.
  • They’re considering how they want to do something different (or be different).

In a world of deafening roars (did you bring your megaphone today?) where everyone seems to be operating from their own agenda, it’s never been easier to differentiate yourself as a collaborative leader. When with others:

  • be present
  • work to co-discover something neither of you were thinking before the conversation began
  • and be grateful for what others are giving you in the course of the discussion.

Do this, and people will listen even when you’re not talking.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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