There is a decision you need to make. (The difficult one you have been grinding on.) If you make the decision, you may:

  • Be wrong
  • Be criticized by others for not involving them
  • (Fired? Deserted?)
  • Be judged as incapable, and therefore outcast

Therefore, it appears the best thing to do is:

  • Pretend you do not have a choice
  • Build consensus (aka: hide in the crowd)
  • Blame the delay on “those” people
  • Wait

Resist the temptations. Delaying too long in making a decision is the choice to conform. Worse, you grant your fate to others.

Not making a decision creates the illusion of safety, when in reality it is often another step towards being out of control. And for those who like to create their future, that is too great a risk to take.

Those who consistently demonstrate the ability to make big decisions not only do so because they may be right; they make decisions because they choose to be fulfilled.

Make the decision to make the decision.

P.S. Marcos Borrell, a VP of R&D at Hologic, is one of the strongest collaborative leaders I’ve met. And he is good at making big decisions. Marcos will join me in our next unscripted Activation Session on June 22 at 11 a.m. ET as we identify How to Strengthen Innovation by Collaborating Less. The lessons and insights are always free (and always good). You can register here.



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