Here in Colorado we face again the need to reckon – individually and collectively – with the senseless acts of a few. This time, a theater, the place many of us go to “escape” for a couple of hours, turns into the site of a massacre. It’s not right. And it hurts beyond compare.


With all the talk about leadership, about moving things forward, it’s difficult to reconcile such a senseless and destructive act. (I shudder when I consider what was once so “crucial” in my day.) Isn’t a leader somewhere, somehow, supposed to put an end to this madness?


We refuse to become numb. Perhaps now, more than ever, the leadership we’re looking for resides in each us. We have choices – every day we have decisions to make. As we live our lives, when we sit in meetings, answer emails, listen to colleagues, work on projects…will we live in fear – or will we demonstrate courage? Will we blame – or will we seek what we can learn? Will we become bitter – or will we stand up and open our hearts even more?


What does it mean to live and lead from values unconditionally?


This is a time for mourning. And for honoring those we’ve all lost. Then, on the horizon, you can see it. The question we’ll all have to ask ourselves to make sense of this senselessness: Who will we become?


The answer starts with who we will be today.


This is a space for conversation. Share your answers to the questions above below so other leaders in our community can experience your important words.


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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