The Mindset Program

Equip the masses with a cascading one-team mindset and common language to broaden the business impact.

The Mindset Program is ideal for large groups of employees when it follows leadership participation in one of the other Verus Global programs. This experience provides attendees with an introduction to a set of foundational and practical Verus Global tools that help to cascade a common language and create a one-team mindset.


Ideal For

  • Frontline employees following leadership attendance in Pathways to Leadership®
  • Larger culture initiative intended to spread common mindset and language across a department, division or organization
  • A strategic plan designed specifically to meet the needs of your organization, department or division that encompasses multiple Verus Global solutions

Attending helped us to expand and improve our MINDSET and become better individuals both at work and with our family and friends.

Mindset Program Participant

Administration, Global Fortune 500 Company

Program Overview


  • Mid-Level Leaders 10% 10%
  • Individual Contributors 85% 85%
  • Frontline Employees 96% 96%

Number of Participants:

  • 50-100 participants
    Note: Select Pathways to Leadership® graduates are invited to attend and serve as “table mentors”



  • 3-5 virtual interviews with the facilitator and key leaders to set expectations, build affinity and refine focus for the program launch
  • 4-8 hour in-person, facilitator-led launch workshop (can be either half day or full day) followed by 10 weeks sustainability
  • Sustainability includes: Weekly self-led, small group meetings and either a self-led lunch and learn, poster session or facilitator-led session at the close of the program


  • Participants understand how to shift their focus and energy to move business priorities forward
  • An increase in momentum towards the organization’s strategic vision, goals and priorities
  • A re-energized workforce and common language throughout all levels in the organization

Download a one-page overview of The Mindset Program.