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Allow us a personal moment: In the last couple of years both of our fathers passed away. These men, these leaders, influenced our lives significantly. In fact, it’s fair to say that if it weren’t for their parenting work and vision, we would not know or be partnering with many of you.


In the United States this past weekend marked Father’s Day. Did you celebrate? Our fathers, like most, shaped our lives dramatically. Yet, many things have happened since their deaths, including:


1. We have, to a much greater degree, identified our fathers’ “gifts” to us. Everywhere we turn there’s something we know or do that our fathers somehow influenced.

2. Our memories are rarely tied up in the difficulties and challenges our fathers created while they were alive. Indeed, when such subjects are broached, even then the “good” is easily seen in the disguised “bad.”


Something else has happened since my father’s death: I’ve completely released the remaining upsets I was holding against him. And in the place of those upsets, in the void that has been created, a joy and bond has surfaced that is stronger than – well, stronger than when he was alive.


Which begs the question: Why didn’t I let go of the upsets sooner? (Whoops. By far, a much better question to ask is…) What can I do in the relationships I have, with people who are here, to move towards a greater relationship of acceptance and appreciation?


(I know. I know. It’s about business. It’s about making money. It’s about getting work done. But I can’t help realize at a deeper level: By holding even the slightest upset with anyone it is not them who pays the price – but me. So, doesn’t functioning with a greater sense of acceptance and appreciation make me a better leader?)


No new wisdom there. Perhaps what is new is doing something about it. Today. (Thanks, Dad.)


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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