Everyone loves an underdog. The team that perseveres, overcomes obstacles, rewrites the script and wins when others picked them to lose – such teams activate hearts. They make us smile.

Against all odds, Loyola University Chicago has made it to The Final Four.Loyola University Chicago had a two-percent chance of making the NCAA Men’s College Basketball’s main stage: The Final Four. Of the 347 teams that started the season last October, the Ramblers are now just one of four teams left standing. Two weeks ago, at the beginning of the playoffs, they faced 60-1 odds that they’d make it this far.

But they are here. Winning.

Some will assume the Ramblers are lucky. Students of success know otherwise. When you listen to the members of the Loyola Chicago team, you detect a certain literacy of success. They talk like winners. The team has a common language shaped by shared values, goals, and trust in one another. It’s a language that, when spoken, brings out the best in all who speak it.

This begs an important question. Against all odds: Will your team win? Your answer is shaped by assessing the level of leadership literacy among team members.

Is your team speaking the common language of winners?



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