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Economies change. Can your team?

Just like that popular song from the 80’s which was sung by a one-hit wonder band, so, too, are there companies that are one economy wonders. Such organizations succeed in boom economies despite the fact that their talent is sub-optimized:

  • Employees don’t take ownership of the business strategy.
  • Cross-functional rivalries and silos mean efforts are not aligned.

Leaders may think their organization is well-positioned for market or economic fluctuations because of their diverse product or customer portfolios. But employees operating sub-optimally almost always become more dysfunctional when under new and different pressures.

Now’s the time. Not to fear any changes in the economy, but to leverage existing momentum to build the collaborative culture needed in the future.

Consider these questions with your team:

  • Is our talent optimized in a way that sets us up for equal success when economic or market changes occur?
  • Are we demonstrating the collaborative leadership required to contain or reduce the operating costs effectively should our revenue decrease?
  • Do we have hard evidence that our employees own our strategy?

Cracks in a collaborative culture are revealed (and often grow) under the weight and pressures of economic or market changes.

The two best times to strengthen a culture required for success: Yesterday…and now.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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