Imagine your boss quits going to the gym. They stop exercising. So, a teammate puts up his hands and proclaims, “That’s it. I can’t work out any more. My boss quit. So I’m not going to take care of myself anymore.”




It may be the lamest excuse of all-time: When someone claims they can’t think or function a certain way because someone else isn’t thinking or behaving accordingly.


Let’s face it: There are some bosses out there whose actions make you wonder if you have any shared values with them. But, to forfeit our values, our actions because they’re not functioning with integrity? No way.


(Of course, criticizing someone else for not leading the way we would lead is equally illogical and fruitless.)


It’s worth asking your team, “What is essential for us, individually and collectively, to be the best ever expression of ourselves?”


There’s no doubt that people of influence – especially if they’re in positions above us – sometimes make this pursuit difficult. When a supervisor demands results at all costs (and you know those costs are high, such as lost trust, poor ethics, and broken quality), does this require us to forfeit who we are? Does it mean we should give up on the vision we have for ourselves?


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