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Media Kit for the Book

Book Summary:

THE UGLY TRUTH: Most organizations score horribly in equipping employees to work together and deliver on their collective potential, despite the fact that teamwork is more important in the 21st century than it ever was before. From over 63,000 hours observing leaders and teams in more than 30 companies located in 20 countries, Ross and Paccione identify how even well-intentioned leaders sabotage their own best efforts at developing high-performing teams – and what they must do differently to succeed.

THE PROMISE: Regardless of your position, or whether your team operates in person or virtually, during the first 10 minutes of your next meeting, you can start, transform, and accelerate productive teamwork. The proven, sophisticated, and practical method in ONE Team equips you to activate the brilliant potential your team possesses. What will you do with your next 10 minutes? Start – and move the world.



Short Book Excerpts/Quotes:

“Nearly all the professionals we’ve ever met, in every organization, want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They want to contribute to a movement that achieves extraordinary things. ” –ONE Team by Craig Ross and Angie Paccione


“The most effective method to ensure an individual or team owns anything is to ensure they are a part of its creation.” –ONE Team by Craig Ross and Angie Paccione


“Ten minutes into your next meeting you can create the dialogue research shows is necessary for your team to benefit from improved one-team performance.” –ONE Team by Craig Ross and Angie Paccione


“There are a lot of books on teamwork, as well as the topic of asking questions and their subsequent effectiveness in achieving improved performance. ONE Team is different. It’s for those who want improved results faster.” –ONE Team by Craig Ross and Angie Paccione


“By systematizing the approach of infusing these 10-minute discussions into weekly practice, as our most successful clients do, we promise you’ll see sustained and enduring momentum in discovering what your team can achieve – without having to spend an additional minute on other techniques.” –ONE Team by Craig Ross and Angie Paccione


“Too many organizations claim they “don’t have time” to improve team effectiveness. It doesn’t take a genius to know the devastating effects such a philosophy has on business results.” –ONE Team by Craig Ross and Angie Paccione


“In order to succeed, today’s organizations must have systems that strengthen individuals and teams as theydo their work.” –ONE Team by Craig Ross and Angie Paccione



Link to Chapter Summaries:

Below is the link to access a PDF of ONE Team chapter summaries with progress assessments included: http://oneteambook.com/pdf/ONE_Team_Chapter_Summaries.pdf





“… A must-read for teams serious about high performance!” –Marshall Goldsmith, recognized as a Top 10 Most Influential Business Thinker in the World, best-selling author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There on the book ONE Team by Ross and Paccione


“A picture is worth a thousand words, and so are the tools in ONE Team: We’ve equipped our organization to communicate quickly what used to take hours to say.” –Shelley Martin, President & CEO, Nestlé Canada,on the book ONE Team by Ross and Paccione


“This book is an advanced course on how to ask effective questions to achieve exceptional outcomes – and develop an inspired workforce.” –David Yates, Regional Business Head, North America, Nestlé Health Science on the book ONE Team by Ross and Paccione


“Increasingly innovation and creativity are driving workforce performance optimization – ONE Team is just the kind of sophisticated yet practical resource that Learning and Development Professionals can deploy to maximize the contribution and value creation of cross-functional
teams.” –Ray Vigil , Former CLO, Humana Inc. on the book ONE Team by Ross and Paccione


“I’ve been a longtime believer in the art and science of asking good questions. The authors took me to a whole new level that I can apply to my own work.” –Beverly Kaye, Founder, Career Systems International and Co-Author of Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go on the book ONE Team by Ross and Paccione


ONE Team helps you move an organization from holding people accountable to trusting people to do the right thing. Cross the line! Read the book!” –Jack Stack, CEO, SRC Holdings and best-selling author of The Great Game of Business on the book ONE Team by Ross and Paccione



Links to Materials:


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ONE Team: 10-Minute Discussions That Activate Inspired Teamwork














Media Kit for the Authors


Authors’ Bio (Combined):

Craig W. Ross and Angela V. Paccione, Ph.D., are, respectively, the CEO and Senior Director of Client Partnerships of Verus Global. Craig co-authored two award-winning business books: Degrees of Strength (2012 – Best Book Award Finalist, USA Book News; Axiom Business Book Awards Silver Medalist) and Stomp the Elephant in the Office (2008 – Best Books Award Finalist, USA Book News).



Authors’ Bios (Separate):

Craig W. Ross:


CEO & President, Executive Facilitator, Coach and Author


Craig Ross joined Verus Global in 1999, bringing a background in curriculum design and an incredible passion and discipline for effective training and development programs.


For over a decade, Craig has partnered with C-Suite executives, leaders, and teams elevating performance within global organizations and Fortune 100 companies. His understanding of current business trends and needs allows Craig to deliver innovative leadership strategies, equipping organizations to activate leaders, teams, and employees to meet their full potential.


Throughout each Verus Global process (from executive coaching to keynotes to the flagship Pathways to Leadership® Process), Craig has worked with many leaders and organizations to dramatically improve performance with sustainable breakthroughs. With his high-energy and dynamic approach, Craig assists teams in quickly creating alignment, communication, and trust, so they can better achieve their strategic goals.


Craig has co-authored three books, most recently ONE Team with Dr. Angie Paccione. Craig and Verus Global founder, Steve Vannoy co-authored the award-winning books Stomp the Elephant in the Office and Degrees of Strength. The tools in these books equip leaders and teams to be more productive, inspired, and to live their values and potential in every interaction of every day.




Angela V. Paccione, Ph.D.:


Senior Director of Client Partnerships, Facilitator


From Australia to Egypt to China and across the US, Angie inspires leaders at Fortune 200 organizations by unleashing the potential in each of them, providing tools to help them accelerate their business results and create even stronger work teams, families and communities.


Since joining Verus Global in 2007, Angie has served top leadership teams and organizations who are motivated to improve their capability and the culture of their workplace. Her energetic approach and library of compelling stories has helped her to build a worldwide network of amazing individuals committed to building people, partnerships and performance in every interaction. Her inspiring facilitation style and desire to serve others has led to her popularity as a keynote and motivational speaker.


In addition to her transformational sessions, Angie supports our facilitators in accelerating their ability to serve client-partners even more.




Authors’ Pictures:


Craig Ross and Angie Paccione




Angie_Paccione_web Craig_W_Ross_author




Media Kit for Our Videos

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How to Create Engaging Meetings (2:59)

Video Link:https://www.verusglobal.com/wp/?p=3464


How to Ask the “Right” Questions (3:16)

Video Link:https://www.verusglobal.com/wp/?p=4443



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