“I’ve never seen the work experience this intense and so full of pressure. It’s scary.”

That’s what one leader just told me. Below are several other statements I’ve collected just in the past 72 hours. I’m sharing these for two reasons: You are not alone. And there is wisdom (within us) to guide us forward.

  • “Everything that didn’t get done during the reaction to covid in 2020 is getting forced upon us now – on top of everything we have to do in 2021.”
  • “What’s being asked of us requires an effort that is impossible to sustain.”
  • “We can’t get the resources we’re promised. Every day is a scramble.”
  • “I feel like we’re out of control. What’s beyond urgent – panic?”
  • “Working from home…we lost our natural way of connecting as humans. And we created habits that are tough to break.”
  • “There’s no linear answer to problems anymore.”
  • “The answer requires getting back to the basics: As leaders we must intentionally be available to people around us.”
  • “As leaders we’re going to have to make a personal declaration to invest in people. If we don’t, we’ll break.”
  • “If you think this is an exercise of the mind, you will lose. You will be beaten down – repeatedly. That’s a terrible way to go through life. It’s got to be an exercise of the heart.”
  • “More than ever, I believe our search of meaning is a search for connection to others.”
  • “We’ve got to become more human.”

It’s not easy. But it’s becoming necessary: Be more human.


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Activate Your Greatness.

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