Imagine this: Two children leave school and go to two different homes. Once they arrive, they both excitedly proclaim to their parents, “I aced my final exam!”  What happens next is a poignant reason why the two children will live different lives.

One parent will applaud and reward the outcome by telling their child “I’m so proud of you!  Your grade makes me very happy. Let’s buy some ice cream!”

The other parent does something different. They applaud and acknowledges the behavior that caused the outcome. “I’m so inspired by you,” they say. “Your study habits have really made a difference. Let’s buy some ice cream!”

And with that, the two children are set on drastically different courses. The first will define success and failure based upon the grade they get—and whether mom or dad are happy (two things that are not always in their control). The second will learn that they can create greater successes by developing and adapting their behaviors (something in their control). The latter is a great example of what Carolyn Dweck calls a “growth mindset” (and the research behind this is powerful).

Children must take exams in school but parents face an exam in life when their child gets home.

Are you ready to activate the best in your children?



Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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