The first pitch has been made: Major League Baseball has begun. Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s worth knowing that by the end of summer, 29 teams will fail to win the championship.


Why the emphasis on the losers? This important lesson: Major League players are professionals, and even when managed poorly, it’s rare anybody quits. Regardless of how desperate things become, each time they lace their cleats, they make the choice to deliver their best possible effort.


What’s the potential for your team? A VP whose team is facing massive change said this: With all the chaos and uncertainty, things go wrong. “But what are you going to do…pick up your ball and go home? No. You have to ask, ‘What’s best for the business?’” And then you step up – again.


In 20 years of helping teams go beyond engagement, one thing is clear: They have their priorities straight.  If you know a team hurting from losses or experiencing crazy changes, use these questions:


1)      What’s best for the business right now?


2)      Through the chaos, what’s our plan to develop the people doing the work?


3)      Regardless of the stress, how will we build stronger partnerships moving forward?


4)      How will we measure success today?


Remember as a kid when you got angry, picked up your ball, and walked home? It killed you to do that – because you wanted to play, you wanted to be your best ever. Now’s your chance for redemption. Today, how will you celebrate those around you who refuse to quit?


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