Procter & Gamble’s Anne Ramsey is an inspired leader and an Accelerator (and a Pathways to Leadership Graduate). Recently, Anne shared one way she gets herself “On a Roll” is by watching this video each morning. In fact, she thought the video would serve other leaders so she’s loaded it into a digital photo frame which plays in her office, encouraging others to ask themselves important questions throughout the day. Anne, here’s to your incredible leadership and thank you for sharing more about yourself below!


Name: Anne Ramsey

Company: P&G

Current Title:  Site Engineering Leader

Location: Lima, OH


What is one thing you do consistently as a leader (and might recommend to others)?

Engage the organization in discussion/feedback; daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually. The engagement can be any format – one to one mtgs, lunch, breaks, formal meetings, touchpoints with a few employees, etc


What is one challenge you encountered recently, how did you create a solution and why are you proud of the result?

CHALLENGE:  Navigating between two leaders in the organization that did not agree on any points.

SOLUTION:  Finding common ground between the two leaders and working on building the area of agreement.


Where do you see your organization going in 5 years?

a. Best global delivery of the business.

b. Being known for building people’s capability through delivering the work – People stand in line to get on the team.

c. Externally focused on driving the results outside of North America – network, benchmark, share and collaborate across the globe within P&G.


What do you love more than anything?

Coaching people and eating chocolate and ice cream.


What is the one book that you recommend our community should read and why?  So many to choose from!

Lean for Dummies – because I believe the Lean methodology is what the world needs for many different reasons – listed below:

i.      Sustainability – leave something behind for the generations to come.

ii.      Live Simple – we’ve complicated things too much.

iii.      Use Data – to eliminate loss, drive win/win mentality, breakdown barriers.

iv.      Remove Distractions – does an iPhone or an iPad really enrich your life or experience?


When was the last time you laughed out loud? What caused it?

I can’t remember the exact day/time but it was last week.  My husband and I have learned to regularly laugh about how through the years we’ve learned through experiences we’ve had.  We usually laugh about what we didn’t know or even think about when we were making a decision and how short-sighted we had been.  The cool thing is we have a lot of opportunity to share our learning with family and friends.


Who is your hero?

I have two heros – first is my maternal grandmother, Etta Mae D’Anniballe.  The second is my father, Don Moder.




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