Mental Health Center of Denver: 21% Decrease in Turnover


With an intention to create stronger culture and increase engagement and talent retention, Mental Health Center of Denver partnered with Verus Global beginning in November 2006. They set out to create an environment of support, celebrated accomplishments, respect, healthy relationships and high performance teams.


  • In 2005, the cost of 33.5% turnover in the organization was, on average, $297,000
  • Cumulatively, the cost of turnover to the organization was over $1M in the 500-person organization
  • The Mental Health Center of Denver wanted to work with a partner whose tools were consistent with the solution-focused culture of great mental health service


Beginning with the executive team’s first Pathways to Leadership® Process, the leaders quickly determined the benefits of the program for all front-line employees. They then realized that all of their employees were front-line employees. Over 10 years, they continue to invest in sessions as the tools and experience are one of the foundations for building their culture.


  • A shift from 33.5% turnover in 2005 to 12% in 2011 (overall decrease of 21%)
  • A decrease in average costs of turnover by 51%

“The Pathways to Leadership® Process is … really about how to communicate. The Pathways to Leadership® tools allow us to discuss what is important and sometimes say no…and we’re all better for it.”

Jeff Tucker

VP Human Resources, Mental Health Center of Denver