GLAD: How a Joint Venture between Clorox and P&G Resulted in a

600% Increase in Sales through Innovation


GROW or DIE… It’s a proposition facing almost every high level leader today.
Add to that the complexities when you’ve embarked on a cooperative venture with another Fortune 500 company and you have leaders from both organizations (with two distinct cultures) working together.

Increase product innovation productivity by 4x, increase profit margins and build customer loyalty was the charge given to Terence Calloway, Associate Director of R&D (Procter & Gamble) and Reza Rahaman, VP of Specialty Division Innovation (Clorox) as they embarked on a joint venture for GLAD (trash bags, food storage, etc.) The GLAD leadership team was challenged to bring together individuals from two companies and two cultures and form one united team focused on innovation, driving sales and improving productivity.


The solution involved an approach focused around aligning the team and equipping them with a common language to create a shared reality which enabled them to come together as one – quickly.

As the team focused on developing one team – blended with the cultural elements from their organizations that make them great, they quickly saw an improvement to their growth, including:

  • 600% increase in incremental sales driven by innovation
  • 6X improvement in R&D productivity
  • And delivered what Consumer Reports rates as “simply the best” trash bag

By addressing the whole person, these leaders made emotional shifts to permanently change their mindset and behaviors at work and home, which ultimately led to record level increase in innovation productivity and incremental sales.

We knew our culture was where we could grow even stronger, what we didn’t realize was just how much it would contribute to our bottom-line. Each person comes to work every day inspired. There’s no limit to our potential.”

Terence Calloway

Associate Director of R&D, Procter & Gamble

“Developing our culture led to record innovation. One of my favorite quotes from working with Verus Global is ‘Culture eats Strategy for lunch.’ Creating a culture of excellence led our team to accomplish something priceless.”

Reza Rahaman

VP of Specialty Division Innovation, Clorox