They will question your sincerity. They’ll doubt your authenticity. Your actions will be criticized. And they will distort what you said.

They do all of these things because what you’re saying and doing and where you’re leading them is to a place of thinking that isn’t known. Because all they recognize is what has always been, their ego fools them into thinking they can only preserve themselves by diminishing you.

And this brings you to an incredible leadership moment. Upon their dismissive (if not insulting) actions, you can choose to dismiss them and go about your plans by yourself. Which means, of course, you’ll likely not go far.

Or, you can choose to be the leader they’re unable to be. You can empathize (for you, too, have been uncomfortable when challenged by others). You can listen (because you know you don’t have all the answers). You can care (because you remember that everyone wants to do be great in their own way).

You know you must go first. You must be the person that says what’s not being said, does what’s not being done. You must be the person that elevates yourself.

As you do these things, you’ll be vulnerable to a criticism that your sameness once shielded.

So be it. Embrace the moment. Not because it’s about you, but because it’s about them. It’s for them.

Which is one of the reasons you wanted to be a leader in the first place.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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