Commit to the Human Imperative

Teams that do big things are identifying up front what the they collectively need to be thinking, feeling and doing in order to deliver on their business objectives.

Embody Success

Teams that do big things trust the process; not just the spreadsheet process, the heart process.

The Three Do Big Things Decisions

Teams will go through their entire life-cycle without ever talking about the decisions that matter most.

Exercise Your Barrier Breaking Authority

The sometimes forgotten authority, is the power each of us possesses to respond to our world any way we want. Our thinking and actions are always a choice.

Focus On What Matters

Consider the possibility that there is something that will enable your team to deliver on their important focus even more effectively.

The 3 Mind Factors

What we focus on matters because what we focus on becomes our reality. Discover how by mastering the 3 Mind Factors you can direct your focus and energy towards what matters most.

Energize Around A Shared Reality

For a team to succeed they must be able to frame the experience they’re having in a common way.

The Energy Map

Learn how to leverage the Energy Map to increase productivity, shift focus and energize your team around a shared reality.

Mobilize Hearts and Minds Forward

Discover how a new CEO in just one year turns around a company that had previously lost market share for three consecutive years.

Questions That Trigger Hearts and Minds

When you walk into the room, when people see you on the meeting invite, do they get excited? Are you the teammate that activates hearts and minds and mobilizes teams to do big things together?