If I respect you it means:

  • I listen to what you say, though I may not do anything with what I hear.
  • I acknowledge you have unique skills and different ideas, but do little to develop them further.
  • I may fear you, and disengage to protect myself.

If I care about you it means:

  • I listen to what you say, and seek to incorporate your wisdom in our shared work.
  • I regard your skills and ideas, and find ways to leverage them for our cause.
  • I trust you, and have the confidence to engage with you further.

Respect is not enough to succeed. It is merely the first step to being an effective team. To do meaningful work together and succeed in significant ways requires that we be meaningful in our interactions with one another. We must care.

Can you succeed without caring for your teammates? More importantly: even if you could, would the work fulfill you?



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