Top Strategies for Successfully Sharing Tools

During the over 63,000 hours we’ve partnered with leaders around the world to activate the human potential in their organizations, we often encounter leaders who are inspired and want to share these tools. They’re excited by the results they achieved in using this approach, and they want to share it by creating posters, graphics, and more, to engage others in leveraging the tools. Here are some best practices to inform your strategy.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Voltaire

What works…

It’s important to remember that you’ve had an immersive experience with this approach. Consider your audience and what exposure they’ve had to this. What actions and behaviors on your part will create the outcomes you want (vs. backfiring with them discounting the tools)?

Here are best-practice guidelines: Appropriate. Integrity. Relevant. (AIR)


  1. Is this the right timing for using a tool, based on what’s going on in your organization? Are you citing the proper attribution (all tools are protected by copyright). If you have questions about the appropriate citations, please click here.
  2. If you’re in a group of Pathways to Leadership® Process participants, leverage your resources on Wavemaker to have ready-access to the tools!


  1. Be a model by using the tools: apply the tools to build and develop the behaviors and culture that will deliver best ever results.
  2. Is it just about the tools? Or how you’re using the tools to influence your culture? When you achieve great results, consistently and visibly identify what mindsets and behaviors created these results and celebrate.
  3. When opportunities arise, share your thoughts and personal experience with the tools. Do they want to know more?
  4. Create a goal – evaluate and measure how your strategy for sharing tools will impact your culture and results. (When is the last time a poster changed your behavior? Putting up posters can take an event-based approach vs. a focused, sustainable effort.) What forward focus questions will encourage them to think about the results you’d like to achieve? Instead, create posters that propel your business objectives and culture (and are relevant to you and your team) vs. reposting a tool that simply becomes wallpaper.


  1. Include others – especially those that have not had a Verus Global experience. What steps can you take to infuse your culture and make the tools relevant to everyone? What you integrate the tools into your existing culture, you’ll get even more remarkable results.

Looking for more strategies to set you up for success? We’d love to support. Please contact us today!


What backfires…

We’ve also heard from leaders what hasn’t worked, and find it helpful to share some of these as cautions:

  1. “Selling” and/or “telling” someone to use the tools that hasn’t gone through the process. There are many ways this can occur, such as:
    • Publishing materials with the tools and distributing or posting (e.g. posters or table tents).
    • Copying materials.
    • Inviting someone to participate in the Sustainability Process (e.g. a POIS Team Meeting).
  2. Criticizing someone for NOT using the tools or using them poorly.
  3. Using the tools to “fix” or change someone.
  4. Using the “Wish” Approach where you share a book or post and:
    • Hope the other person reads it, but never follow‐up to discuss their thoughts.
    • Forget to state why you are sharing this and what has been meaningful to you.

Resources to share…

You’ll find some great (shareable) resources in our Leadership Posts and VGTV videos. Which of the resources below will support you most?  And please DO share these with colleagues, friends and family. Dive in and explore ‐‐ and share away!

Share Our Homeward Bound Framework: One of our most powerful tools – verusglobal.dublinblue.net/shareit

Share Our Books: Our award-winning books include many tools and concepts. Click here to check them out and order copies.