What is it about empowering others that creates difficulty for too many leaders?

Is it the illusion that if we give others power, we will somehow have less power? (Not true, of course. If anything, the leader becomes even more influential by distributing decision-making power to others.)

Is it the fear that by empowering others the business will be at greater risk because too many mistakes will be made? (This, of course, points to a bigger issue: the leader’s blinding ego.)

Or is it that empowering others is misunderstood as the act of only giving power to others…when in reality, empowering others also means to draw out the power people already possess?

Solving the mysteries of empowerment is best accomplished in a discussion with your team. That is, if you’re comfortable using your power to facilitate the discussion.

P.S. The inspired Lucy Gildea, Chief Scientific Officer at Mary Kay (where they know quite a bit about empowerment) will join Angie Paccione and me on Sept. 1, ’20,  in our next Collaborative Leader’s Huddle when we answer the  big question: How do you empower employees in the new normal of business?  The live, 50-minute discussion begins at 8 a.m. MTN. You’re empowered to participate by signing up here.

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