Photo Credit: overseastom via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: overseastom via Compfight cc


I’m the guy they feel sorry for because I “travel too much.”


I’m the woman they whispered “stayed at the office too long, and missed her son’s school play.”


I’m the colleague who “will have regrets” on that mythical death bed.


What you should know about me is my passion for professional excellence is driven by a passion for life excellence. Translation: I’m fulfilled outside of work as much as I am in it. In other words: My spouse? My kids? Me? We’re all good.


What you don’t know about me is that my work makes me a better spouse, a better parent. A better me.


Before you pity me, before you judge me, know that we may define work-life balance differently. Pardon my apparent defensiveness as I remind myself: It’s in the act of judging others, the act of projecting my life onto yours that destroys my own ability to be the best me.


What fulfills me is my choice: Doing what I can to live and lead at my potential. If I meet you in the airport or find you working into the night, know that I will not be your critic. Instead, I will only support your discovery of your potential and applaud the authentic expression of who you are.


Will you have my back as well?


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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