I feel cheated.


Few of us met Steve Jobs, but most of our lives are forever changed by his work. When I heard the news that he was gone, the question was immediate: What if?


What if…he’d had more time?


Many will argue what will be his greatest legacy. (My daughter will continue to argue for her first iPad.) But what happens if his greatest legacy is not what his genius-inspired technological advances allow us to do…and instead it’s what we learn we can do as leaders?


What happens if Jobs’ greatest legacy is that each of us stand up, one more time than we did yesterday, and say, “Here’s what I think is possible. Here’s what I believe we can do.”


If – when – we do that, can we all agree that the world will be a better place?


Steve Jobs had the ability to pull tomorrow into today. There is no leadership flag that flies high, telling those who look on, “This is where leadership stands.” But if there were, that flag would now be at half mast.


We salute you, Steve Jobs. Your influence, what you have done, what will continue to be.


Today, we all stand up more.


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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