There is a moment during any significant change effort (between where we were and where we need to go) when it happens: We realize with stunning clarity that in order to succeed we’ll have to be different. In this instant the ego screams for comfort and the mind scrambles for an exit.

Because if we show up differently people might think of us contrarily. So, while we say we’re courageous, while we believe we’re strong, if we’re not careful, suddenly we find ourselves:

  • Lowering expectations.
  • Rationalizing why we didn’t want the change anyway.
  • Pointing the spotlight at those who made the plan “impossible.”

This slide back into a zone of comfort comes with a price: We forfeit our fulfillment. And not realizing our potential or what’s possible if we stay the course is an unbearable pain for us (right?).

Let’s realize who we can be. Don’t try to be comfortable.

Hat Tip: DJ

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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