It’s not enough to be aware. You must begin.

It’s not enough to care. You must respond.

It’s not enough to just listen. You must act.

Our biggest threat isn’t those who attempt to diminish the lives of an entire race of people. The biggest danger is that after we become aware…we encounter confusion or resistance or embarrassment or fear or loneliness or indecision – and we stop.

To be inactive is to model the same actions as those who are apathetic.

We must not be still. The journey to equality and justice for all is long – not always because the force against those virtues are significant, but often it is due to the majority’s inability to act as one. Awareness and words and proclamations and townhalls and papers are not our masterpiece; we are not measured by the prelude. Triumph over racial injustice is our principal matter.

Complacency is the heart of the unfulfilled. Step beyond the words.

P.S. Thank you for the profound feedback to last week’s blog, It Was My Knee On George Floyd’s Neck. The response made clear that many are moving forward – which is why I’m excited about our discussion with the inspired DeEtta Jones. She’s joining our Huddle this Thursday, June 18, at 8 a.m. MTN to answer this big question: How Do You Find Your Leadership Voice In The Face Of Racial Injustice? You can register here for free.

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