leadership Organizations want their employees to be bold – to step up, speak up, take action and risks. In short: They want us to deliver more leadership from our position.
The irony, however, is not lost on us: Organizations with cultures that make it safe for people to be daring need not implore their people to be bold. Because we naturally are such already. We have a thousand ideas on how the company can improve. We are wired to achieve. We ache to win.
I’ll take greater responsibility for my timidity when you join me in taking responsibility for the system within which I function that tolerates the crushing of confidence. Stop telling me to “be bold” until you prove to me that my ideas, my actions, and my style won’t be judged, but instead, welcomed.
A culture of bold and confident actions becomes a reality when we rid our meetings of eye-ball rolling and whispers of “that’s not how we do it here.”
Equip those with power to applaud, facilitate, and demonstrate empathy, and you will see us become bold in ways that will shock you – and delight our customers.
Be bold enough to allow me to be my authentic self, and I will most certainly follow.
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Image courtesy of khunaspix at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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