It’s there, a story waiting to be told: The story of why we’ll fail. Telling the story saves us from

  • the humiliating discovery that we aren’t as good as we thought we were, and
  • the stinging judgement of others who would have done it differently. 

The faux safety in this story entices us at every turn. When told we won’t get the resources we need, when management forgets to thank us for the blood we gave (and they ask for more), when we’re questioned by those who say they trust us…the story sits there waiting lazily for someone to pick it up.

It’s a story about failure even before the plan has been fully executed. It’s a tale about de-committing from a promise we made to ourselves.

But there’s another story that’s waiting to be told, too. It’s a story of why we gave our best despite the obstacles we faced. It’s a story about how we didn’t care what people thought of us. It’s an account of how we were accountable to ourselves, our hearts, our organization and families. It’s a story of us living our values, the values that make us all better.

The diapers are still on 2018, yet this much is certain: Your team is beginning to shape the narrative for the year. (I promise you they are.) And every teammate is an author, a contributor to the beliefs that will be embraced and perpetuated.

Some teams pretend a story isn’t being told, or ignore the tale that is uttered. They pretend to do their business. Equally true and inspiring are the teams that shape the narrative and equip their teams to focus. They reach the finish line with a story they’ve been telling from the start.

What story will your team tell? You can stay in suspense and have it told to you in 12 months—or create it now.

You decide.



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