We have two dogs. One, named Taco, is adorable. He loves to have you pet him right under the chin. And as long as he’s at your side, he’s content. Our second dog, Zoey, well, she’s got some thinking challenges (if you know what I mean).


Here’s a typical scene: You walk in the door, and both tails are wagging like flag on a windy day. And the dogs are smiling that tongue-flop grin of theirs. But here’s where it gets irritating: I bend over, with a hand for each dog to pet them as they please. And because I’m an equal opportunity dog-pleaser, I make sure both dogs are getting the same amount of attention.


Taco? He’s fine. He just sits there and enjoys ever second. Zoey? It’s nothing but hysterics! I swear if you could read her mind, this is what she’s thinking: “Ha-Ha-ah-ha…wait…I’m not getting pet as much as Taco…ha-ha-ah-ha…look, his hand is on Taco, and I’m getting nothing! Must get more petting. Must get more petting.”


And with that, Zoey jumps and leaps and fights for the attention of the hand that is petting Taco…all the while, never realizing that she has a hand already entirely designated to her that is petting her furiously. This, of course, severely tarnishes the relationship Zoey and I have. She’s entirely focused on what she doesn’t have – rather than what she does have.


Do you have some teammates that act like Zoey? It’s a great time to ask questions such as:

1. Rather than focusing on what our budget won’t allow, what can we do within the limits of our budget?

2. Instead of discussing the resources we don’t have, what resources do we have that we can leverage right now?

3. Despite the fact that the economy is hurting us, where do we see momentum in our business development?

4. Even though our team has had their issues, where are we see the collaboration and trust we need to succeed?


Here’s to succeeding with what you do have – rather than waiting until you have what you don’t.



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Activate Your Greatness.

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