At first I was baffled, then astounded, by an insight my teacher shared when I was in 7th grade math class. “If you stand in the middle of the room and attempt to get to the nearest wall by only cutting your distance in half each time you make a move,” he said, “You’ll never get to the wall.”

Never get there? My mind feverishly repeated the exercise: I’d take a few big steps to close half the space between me and the wall. Then, just a couple of paces would cut the remaining distance in two. At that point, just one step would close the gap by half. Then a tiny step. Then … I would merely creep forward.

The lesson I took with me: The strategy of dividing the whole never enables me to accomplish the whole.

The dogmas of separation fool us into thinking that by separating ourselves we can unite ourselves. We compartmentalize and segment people to better understand our world, but it doesn’t make a better world. Not until we put all the segments back together again.

When we move beyond “we” and “they,” suddenly there’s us: Who we are collectively. And that’s who we need to be if we are going to get where we want to go.

(This inspiring 3-minute video inspired today’s blog. Check it out if you’re looking to infuse more heart into your day.)

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Activate Your Greatness.

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