This is the era of the “super-size me” approach to business. One of you won’t do. Your company needs two.

This is a time when companies are looking for the quickest way to build stock price. There are many gimmicks those on the top floor can use to achieve this- yet research shows those companies who SUSTAIN greatness do it because they are filled with leaders who lead people, not just manage numbers.


The “lead by numbers” approach means “do more with less”. Which means we have finally solved the fast-food mystery: people are super-sizing their meals not because they are hungry; they’re up-sizing in an effort to super-size themselves. They’re hungry for a way to be super.


Here’s the paradox: people want to be great. People are naturally motivated and inspired. They ALREADY come to work in a super size- a size that is more than enough to get the numbers the top floor wants. Yet, too many companies are using this approach: they’re tearing people down, and then racing to see who can build up their people first.

News flash: only one of you is needed.

(Don’t believe other people want to be great? Look at yourself. A bit pretentious, isn’t it: to think you’re the only one who has this desire?)

Let’s begin something by taking control again. Let’s live in our own, pure motivations. Let’s promise ourselves that we’ll never forget- and daily tap into- our own desire to be great. And then act out of that greatness.

Who cares if those on the top floor make more money than we do. We’ll get something that no one should be without: self-worth and dignity (and the regular size combo meal).

What is the difference between what “might be” and what “can be”?  You decide.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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