Everything around us is getting faster. But what has not evolved? What is literally holding the whole world back? Leadership. How we lead others and ourselves. In the last Tall Guys Blog we discussed how EVERYBODY is talking about how important results are — yet few people are effectively addressing the one thing that determines the results we get: leadership.


We will not see an evolution in leadership by judging those who use outdated leadership tactics. Because we go toward our focus, any criticism and flaw-assessment of such people will only secure a future much like today.


Believe it: the great change in leadership is an action item on each of our agendas. It begins with our thinking, and is grounded in the value we all have: to build others up rather than beat them down.

The key lies in our ability to assess our responses and how our actions affect those who lead us. This much is true: continued poor behavior from our leaders is guaranteed when we focus on their POOR behavior. Fortunately, the opposite is also true.

It all comes down to this: focus. The more skilled we are at controlling our own, the more apt we are to successfully guide focus and energy in others. Do you want to see the leadership in your organization evolve? Use these steps:

>>Start by focusing on where you do see outstanding leadership.

>> Begin a subtle but powerful campaign: launch conversations with others that address outstanding leadership and what’s possible in the future.

>>Ask others questions so you can foster the idea of growing a culture of leadership.

>>Celebrate the progress your organization makes in developing greater leadership habits.

You’ll notice that most organizations take the complete opposite approach of the four actions steps above. What approach are you taking?

What is the difference between what “might be” and what “can be”?  You decide.


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