It’s a well-known axiom: Tough times reveal a person’s true character. Right now, what is being revealed about you?


A participant in Chicago shares, “I’m surprised how many people around me are whining. Victims seem to be everywhere! Yet, the economy isn’t doing anything to us. The economy isn’t even alive. It simply is what it is. We still have choices we can make.”


That’s a big elephant for a lot of people: Too many people are conceding! By focusing on “what’s bad” they are forfeiting their ability to choose a better response to the current economic circumstances. This guarantees they remain a victim – at the whim of circumstances out of their control.


Conversely, there are select leaders within every organization who are stepping up and taking responsibility. They are accepting the way things are, and regardless of how poor things look, they’re not conceding to a “it’s-going-to-be-bad-for-a-while” attitude. They are living and leading in a way that reveals the best of what is inside them.


Our good confidant, Randy, says, “These people are taking off their training wheels. All our experiences have brought us to this moment. Within each one of us is the desire to prove we are worthy of meeting difficult challenges. It may be difficult, but most people want – and are willing – to go for it.”


These questions help take off the training wheels:

– What can I control right now?

– How can I better accept the way things currently are?

– What actions can I take that will demonstrate the values I hold dear?

– How will taking responsibility right now reveal my true strength of character?


Some people go through life waiting for the moment to show themselves and others how strong they are. Others know such moments exist every day.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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