The caged canary was the miners’ method for knowing if the mine had safe air to breathe. No singing from the bird meant a hurried evacuation.

The ocean’s coral reefs are the litmus test for warming oceans. The more bleached they become the more marine life vanishes.

Your eyes are the open window into the body’s health. Trouble seeing can mean something far more systemic is wrong.

Your team is your company’s canary; how your team partners with other teams across the business is your company’s coral reef; your team meeting provides an open window into your team’s health.

Is this good news or bad for your company?

In our new book, Do Big Things, we reveal the research that shows why committing to the human imperative—the specific thinking and actions necessary for your team to succeed—is critical to success. Leadership will always be important. The engagement of individual employees is, too. Yet, it is only through the act of teams that human beings connect and do what must be done. Human connections are the heart of organizational success.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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