…is to ensure you set your priorities.


Photo Credit: Dr. Steve Drury

Photo Credit: Dr. Steve Drury


It’s worth considering:


– Are your priorities aligned with your values (the company’s – and your personal)?

– Will your priorities ensure you become who you want to be?

– Tasks are not priorities. (Though they love to masquerade as such.)

– Priorities are consistent – we can predict them.

– Priorities change as the market dictates.

– When a company’s priorities are different than those of employees, the customer can tell.

– Are your priorities really objectives or initiatives? (Cut to the chase: It doesn’t matter as long as the team is aligned on definitions.)

– You can tell a company that has defined the right priorities: Partnerships form across functions.

– The best priorities are those that inspire and fulfill potential. (Are you fulfilled?)


What else determines a sound priority? (Would your entire team have the same answer?)


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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