A new friend, Rafael (who “gets” continuous improvement), shared his opinion of where the most important leadership in an organization happens. “It comes down to this: Front line leadership. If that group can lead, greater success is on the horizon,” Rafael said. “But what do most companies do? When someone demonstrates leadership talent at this level they get promoted – leaving a continuous void in this strategic area.”


Also worth considering is how front line supervisors are lead by their managers. For front line supervisors to be empowered, to be their best ever, these three things have to consistently happen:


3 Steps of Empowerment

1)      They must have a clear understanding of what the objective is. (“It’s important that we accomplish…”)

2)      They must know why achieving that outcome is important. (“We have to achieve this by Friday because…”)

3)      And, they must be included in the creation of the path forward. (“What’s the first thing we need to do?”)


Magic happens in step 3: Effective questions empower by releasing people to a greater potential.


It’s not uncommon to see management excel at #1 (they live in a world of goals and objectives.) But things get interesting after that: In our pre-session survey work, we see less than half of managers regularly accomplishing step #2. And it’s the rare, exceptional leader who is using all three.


Empowering others does not require more time. (Indeed, we lose more time with a disengaged workforce.) It requires clarity of objective, purpose, and ownership.


Is your team equipping those they influence with what they need to be great? What one step will you take this week to ensure your team effectively empowers others? (Bonus: You might consider using the three steps above with them.)


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