The 7 toughest decisions are often made without anyone else knowing:

  • The decision to go first knowing you’ll make mistakes and be criticized by others
  • The decision not to promote ideas that diminish people even when the dogma says you should
  • The decision to treat those who have attempted to insult you with dignity
  • The decision to be accountable when others point fingers
  • The decision to worry less about image and more about meaning
  • The decision to trust that there’s a greater gift for you when you forgive others
  • The decision to tell your truth and respect others for having theirs

The media makes money by sensationalizing those people who aren’t making these decisions. Which can make it seem as though the position of leadership is lonely. Don’t buy it. While you may be unnoticed, you are not alone. There are people everywhere who are standing up in their integrity – and moving away from the herd that functions outside the limits of honor.

Look around you. Integrity is abundant.

(Someone’s looking at you right now.)

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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