It’s the time of year to set objectives, commitments and goals. And, if we’re not careful, this turns into a trap of thinking, “We’ll be great when…


…we get there.

…the economy works in our favor.

…we deliver our promised results.”


Of course, scheduling greatness (“…we’ll be great when…” is like scheduling your meals: If you don’t put it on your calendar, you’ll forget to eat. That’s crazy. You eat because you’re hungry – or because you’ve conditioned yourself to eat.)


That’s the trick with being great. Too many people think it’s an outcome, an effect variable, so they try to schedule when they’ll be great. (Then it’s too late.) Greatness (as an expression of realizing potential) is much more potent as a cause variable, as a resource. “We’ll be great now…


…so we get there.

…so the economy works in our favor.

…so we can deliver our results better and faster.”


Greatness is a mindset, a choice in our focus, and the ability to act upon that focus. Greatness is not something you go get – it’s something you deliver.


Rather than waiting for the conditions to be right, be great spontaneously. (And if you forget, schedule your reminder.)


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How will scheduling spontaneous greatness impact your work this week? Your comments are valuable to our entire community, share the below so other leaders can benefit from your good thoughts.





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