It’s tempting to define great leadership only by winning numbers, market share, and a fat wallet. (Our society seeks heroes.) If this were the case, it can be deduced that if you’re not first, you’re a loser. If you’re not winning, you stink. If you’re not on top, you’ve lost.


The best leadership happens before you get to the top.


Are you willing to be the leader no one writes a book about? Are you willing to give and do your best when it’s likely there’ll be no bonus, no parade nor accolades?


When business suffers it affords the unheralded hero the opportunity to create and discover the greatest expression of him or herself. The forces of change can be treacherous, yet what doesn’t have to change is your ability to live and lead from your values.


When others choose to focus on what’s wrong – you will focus on what’s right.


When they want to slash and burn – you will build by investing new ideas, renewed energy and optimism.


When someone wants to blame and isolate – you will reach forward and insist on partnership.


In our new book, Degrees of Strength – The Innovative Technique to Accelerate Greatness, inspired leaders demonstrate how they generate forward momentum even in the nastiest times. They begin by focusing on where they are already leading from their values (rather than where they and others aren’t). And they model the inspiration the rest of the organization craves – and needs to get through the darkness.


Ask your team: If this were our last day as leaders, what would we want our lingering legacy to be? Regardless of what anyone else is saying or doing, what will we do today to ensure we are the best leader we’ve ever been?


P.S. Degrees of Strength will be available to the public in 8 weeks, but you might be able to get a copy early. Register here for more information, excerpts from the book and presale offers.




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