Here are the top 5 blog posts from this year (so far).

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#5: Suddenly There’s Us
“We compartmentalize and segment people to better understand our world, but it doesn’t make a better world. Not until we put all the segments back together again.”


#4: Be Irrational, Go First
“Your actions are the greatest predictor of the thinking and actions your teammates will take.”


Respect#3: Respect Is Not Enough To Succeed
Can you succeed without caring for your teammates? More importantly: even if you could, would the work fulfill you?”



#2: Resist The Temptation
“When we can’t see the future, we become more responsible to creating it.”



#1: I’m Too Busy
“I’m too busy…to treat you like I’d like to be treated…to ask you why you care…”


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Activate Your Greatness.

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