You Really Can Do

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He has a “can-do” attitude…but hasn’t gotten anything done all day.


Delayed productivity drives “A players” bonkers. It does no good to hire for attitude and train for skill, if results that matter aren’t delivered. There’s work to be done.


To know what has to be done is just a beginning. And saying “Can-do” is a step in the right direction.


But can you do now?


This is not a criticism of those with a courageous outlook or the willingness to say “yes, I can.” This attitude is prized. (We all know too many teams afflicted by the cancerous “we can’t” mindset.) Rather, this is an acknowledgment that some people may have learned to present enthusiasm and say “can-do,” only to wait for someone else to go first. Or, they’ve said “can-do” too many times…and nothing gets done.


“Can-do” can be replaced with “can do now.” (Better yet, “already did.”) Here’s a reminder of three questions that are as important as “Do you know what to do?”


1)      When will you do it?

2)      How will you measure your progress?

3)      How will you know you’ve succeeded?

And a bonus: Why is it important that you succeed?


Alright then, we’re aligned. Let’s go…


Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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