money bag

What do we do now?


The estimated price tag of the US Presidential Election is nearly $6 Billion. (Almost incomprehensible.) Perhaps more expensive is the potential fall-out.


We will have choices to make:


Will we continue to believe what a few politicians have trained us to: That our neighbor can be defined by the color of red or blue?


Will progress continue to be defined as the ability to blunt another group’s agenda?


Will we reactivate the wisdom that our diversity is a tremendous strength and resource?


My daughter, fresh off the mock election at school, reported she’d never participate in government again. And there it was: One more future leader on the cusp of disengaging.


We must not let the system define us.  Believing “things will never change” is a disenchanting choice – and sacrifices the greater insight into who we are.  Through our actions today we are more defined after the election than we were before it.


In this moment, what sort of leader will you be? Will you collaborate? Will you ask questions? Will you be inclusive? Will you be inspired?
Or not?



We’re creating a movement of inspired leaders. Share your thoughts on the cost of leadership with that community below.



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