The Connector System®

Certification program for developing and scaling the collaborative leadership required to break interpersonal barriers and succeed in the execution of strategic plans and initiatives.  


The Connector System® is the future of L&D: Rather than removing employees from their work to develop them, certified Connectors join employees when they’re primed for learning: The moment they’re seeking solutions to their toughest business challenges. Now, talent is optimized because inspired employees are working together.


Ideal for organizations seeking the autonomy to:

  • Improve cross-functional execution of plans
  • Unite and align people and teams to plans and strategies
  • Develop greater empathy and enterprise thinking/actions

“Rather than using simulations to develop our leaders, we’re using The Connector System, because it goes beyond: It’s based in the real-life work our leaders are doing.”

Courtnie K.

Head of Leadership Development, Fortune 100 Company

Program Overview


  • Senior Leaders 80% 80%
  • Mid Level Leaders 95% 95%
  • First Line Leaders 96% 96%
  • HR/L&D/T&D Leaders 85% 85%

Number of Participants:

  • Up to 30 participants per session – including ROTATION BENEFIT!

8 Virtual Modules

35-40 hours over a 16 week period.


  • Tailored to business imperatives
  • Senior Leadership Kickoff: 3-4 hour in-person executive session
  • Connector Candidate selection and screening support
  • Pre-learning and online discussions on Mobilizer, the Verus Global virtual learning platform
  • Synchronous and asynchronous learning modules  
  • On demand Verus Global Connector support
  • Volume rates based on # of Connector candidates with 2, 3 and 5-year terms available


  • The Connector System® delivers immediate and continuous improvement in the execution of strategic plans.
  • Interpersonal barriers are broken by developing collaborative leadership that drives adoption and ownership of plans, energizes employees around a shared reality, and aligns employees to the strategy by breaking down silos and fiefdoms.
  • Organizational talent is optimized, and the culture strengthened.
  • Rather than a traditional development approach where employees learn in isolation, as a result of the Grab-and-Go Sessions and Collaboration for Impact Programs delivered by the Connector, the entire team benefits as an outcome from the collaborative leadership capabilities they model together.