What is The Connector System® certification?

The Connector System® is a virtual certification program to complement our in-person Verus Global-delivered programs, allowing organizations to further scale their collaborative leadership capabilities internally.

Why certify?

In today’s day and age what worked yesterday, might not work the same way tomorrow. To stay competitive – and have fun while doing it – all of us need to be lifelong learners, one way or another. Our certification program is one way to do just that, both on a professional and personal level.

Through The Connector System® Certification Program we enable employees to take Verus Global developed tools and methodologies and apply them where it is most impactful – directly inside their organizations. Having Certified Connectors within their ranks, organizations will be able to scale and develop collaborative leadership internally allowing them to increase their capabilities to implement strategies effectively.

“…this program is truly effective and impactful.  I can’t wait to see it gain momentum across our organization and beyond.”

Internal Connector

Fortune 100 Company

The certification confirms that Connectors have the ability to develop organizational capability to implement strategic plans by doing these three things:

          1. Connect and align the actions of teams to their purpose and delivery of imperatives

          2. Connect cross-functional teams through strategic collaboration

          3. Connect employees’ actions to the development and scaling of an organization’s unique culture                  and value

In addition, Connectors will join a network of like-minded collaborative leaders inside and outside of their organization.

Download a one-page overview of The Connector System®.