“The Connector System is changing the trajectory of our company.”

Michael Onuscheck

President, Global Business and Innovation, Alcon Laboratories Inc.

Promised Outcomes

Proven Results

Connectors integrate the core fundamentals to developing aligned and collaborative teams that have supported over 110,000 leaders in 37 countries and in 25 different industries. Results include:

Your networked Connectors are strategically integrated within the business. In the flow of work your Connectors align colleagues to:

  • imperatives, so employees own the plan

  • one another, so they collaborate with agility

  • and organizational values, so your cultural norms are elevated.

You must develop key behavioral competencies across your entire business, yet most certification programs fail, because they:

  • Remove employees from their work
  • Often put employees in front of computer screens
  • Are heavy in theory while not relevant to your business needs
  • Constrict you to prescribed frameworks and curriculum

The Connector System® provides you the autonomy to be agile and responsive to business needs by rapidly developing employees as collaborative leaders. Now you can:

  • Ensure peer-to-peer learning, on the job, when solutions are needed.
  • Invest once and never pay an additional fee even after delivering the content a zillion times.
  • Replace Connectors who rotate out of your business at no additional cost.
  • Realize an immediate impact to the business: On day one Connectors apply new skills.

A certification in the Connector System communicates that an employee has mastered the skill of developing aligned and collaborative teams for the purpose accelerating the execution of plans and priorities. Certified Connectors are empowered to:

  • Equip others with Verus Global, award-winning methodology
  • Participate in on-going collaborative leadership development specially designed for Connectors
  • Join the global Connector network

“We can now do micro-adjustments to our leadership and culture in real time at the moment of need, instead of a macro-intervention that is out of daily business context.”

Rob Scott

VP of Surgical R&D - IOLs, Alcon Laboratories Inc.

5 Easy Steps to Improved Execution of Plans

Align the Connector System to your strategic imperative.

Determine your Connector candidates.

Engage leadership.

Launch the Connector Certification Program.

Measure and continuously improve.

“Rather than using simulations to develop our leaders, we’re using The Connector System, because it goes beyond: It’s based in the real-life work our leaders are doing.”

Courtnie K.

Head of Leadership Development, Fortune 100 Company

Speed alignment and execution of your plans:

Differentiate your team by differentiating your leadership.

Connected Focus video cast is produced for collaborative leaders who believe teams with conflicting realities fail – and connecting teammates to priorities, each other and values is the fastest way to succeed.