• If you value freedom, do you celebrate when others have gained it? (Or just when you possess it?)
  • If you wish to be included, do you complain only when you’re not invited to participate?
  • If you hope to be respected for being your authentic self, do you make a point of appreciating others when they act different than you?
  • If you long to be recognized for your achievements, do you celebrate those who have achieved things that aren’t important to you?
  • If you insist others operate with values, do you ask forgiveness of those you harm when you fall from your principles?
  • If you yearn for a world of grace, do you care for those who don’t care for you?

The culture you wish to experience won’t occur when you finally get what you want. It needs you to do something else.

(Juneteenth matters. We celebrate with you.)

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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