Maybe – just maybe – this Holiday Season will deliver a richness unattainable in a “normal” year.

Perhaps, without the extra gifts, the endless trays of food, the outings to restaurants, concerts, shops and galleries and the ability to be with loved ones, we’re exposed: With the elimination of distractions, we’re left with ourselves.

Absent the noise, we might finally answer: Can I alone create the experience of peace, joy and love? Or do I require trappings and traditions to feel what I desire?

Sage advisors tell us that the experience of abundance is ours to choose. Living this wisdom – now, in this moment – may just be opportunity we’ve been seeking: To say and live “I have more than I need. I am complete. And I am grateful.”

For those who dedicate themselves to modeling this wisdom: thank you. The experience of richness is ours.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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