Operating in a state of ambiguity does not mean:

  • Your team is out of control
  • Your future is threatened
  • Success is uncertain

Ambiguity simply means that the path forward is unclear. The increasing pace of change and volume of data available means things are not exact – and you have more choices.

Those who know where they are going and who they are make better decisions faster. Which is a primary reason why leaders who are centered differentiate themselves today.

As volatility rages and complexity increases, you are the one who is grounded. You are the one who may not know how the day ends, but you know your team will be strong when it does.

The hero in your story must be you. The solve for ambiguity will not occur when someone calms the waves of chaos and complexity. That is an inside job. You are the only one who can quiet the storm, who can bring clarity and exactness by being anchored to that which matters most.

What matters most to you? As you succeed in answering this question, the storm will continue to rage, yet your team will know the path forward.

Activate Your Greatness.

Activate Your Greatness.

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